Monday, October 25, 2010

Ahh weekends!

Kate has been missing her daddy terribly.
He was in busy season so the only time she saw him was when she was falling asleep. Last week she wanted nothing to do with him when he came home from work. It was so sad. She would say his name all day and point all all the pictures of him around the house but did not want to hang out with him when he got home.
She was obviously having major withdrawals and didn't know how to respond.

This past weekend was just what Kate needed.
It took her a little bit to warm back up to him on Friday evening and after dinner they were BFFs again.
She emptied her toy basket and brought her daddy every single toy one by one.

 working hard clearing out her basket
 So happy to have her daddy back
He was pretty happy to have his buddy back
 Saturday mornings are our favorite!
Chris went to get Kate out of her crib and she was so excited to see him again.
 I made the family home made banana pancakes and the two snuggled and watched their morning cartoons together.

Getting ready for the day...

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