Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Pactch

Saturday afternoon we packed Kate up along with our neighbors and their little guy for the kids first trip to the pumpkin patch. I haven't been to a pumpkin patch since I was a kid and it was Chris' first time to one. We have an awesome patch just down the street from us. They have pony rides, petting zoo, tons of jump houses and games galore.
 Oh the fun we are going to have in the coming years..

Kate picked out her own little pumpkin
 Two pumpkins! She was so proud.
 Kate and Aiden were too small for everything at the patch except for the petting zoo.
 She is totally a girl after my own heart. Kate LOVES animals. She thought the petting zoo was the coolest thing ever. Well, if she could talk I know that's what she would have said. The look on her face as she was chasing around the ducks, chickens, goats and all the other critters was priceless. She made sure to pet every animal in there and I made sure to scrub her hands afterwards.
 Family shot.
 Our precious girl was so taken by all the big pumpkins surrounding her that she didn't realize she was sitting in a  pumpkin "hole".
She is so delicious!

 Our dear friends and neighbors who are having another baby and moving next month.
 I love the mouth

Kate was an absolute joy to take to the pumpkin patch. She had every ones eyes on here which seems to be the case where ever we go these days. The kid is hilarious. She is constant smiles and nothing but pure joy.
 I wish I got a picture of her trying to pick up a pumpkin 3x her size.
Love you pumpkin.

PS. The adorable vintage headband is from Comfy Cozy Boutique

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