Thursday, October 7, 2010

t h r e e y e a r s.

Three years ago yesterday I met the most incredible man at the end of an aisle and said, I DO.
I thought I had it all on that day.
I thought I could never be more in love
 than I was on my wedding day
...boy was I wrong!

 I never knew someone could or would love me the way my husband does.
 He is the most gentle, kind, thoughtful, patient and precious soul I know.
 Three years ago on October 6,th 2007 was a beautiful day
 We declared our love for one another in front of our most precious friends and family
 And made memories that will last our entire life.
 We danced like you could tell we never had a dance lesson,
 and laughed because we didn't care.
 Love sort of does that to you..

Three years have flown by and we are totally amazed by all that has gone on in these 3 short years.
We have completed our home remodel, traveled a ton, welcomed our first born & finally bought our very first car together.
 We are so excited to see what the coming years have in store for us. Last night we shared a perfect evening out together to celebrate our love.
Dinner at the White House. It was pretty awesome.
 Delicious food, yummy drinks and desserts that made me thankful I wore my leggings!
I love you baby....

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Where is the restaurant? So happy for you!!