Thursday, November 18, 2010


This has been a really great week. We have been celebrating my dad and enjoying each day. This is a big week for him. His birthday is this weekend and his big surgery is tomorrow. The family went to Disneyland last night to celebrate. We enjoyed a delicious dinner at The Jazz Kitchen and played around at Disneyland for a bit.

We watched the firework show over the castle which was followed by "snow" falling to "white Christmas". It's magical. I cry every time. Silly sappy me. I don't know what it is but as the snow was falling and the music was playing, all was well in the world.
There were no worries, no aches, no cancer, nothing but magic and smiles.
As the music faded and the snow stopped falling I listened to the last words of the song..
"may your days be merry and bright.."
That is my prayer for each day..

The Castle

Forgot Kate's blanket in the car so we got her a Mickey Snuggie to keep warm

Snow on Main Street USA

So, surgery day is tomorrow. I'm not scared or sad or worried.
 I'm excited.
Weird, right?
 I am excited because the day has finally come! This is the day that my dad is going to beat cancer. We are filled with so much hope and Faith that my dad will be healed of cancer after tomorrow. He is in great hands with the #3 doctor in the world for this surgery. He will be at an amazing hospital that is all about cancer patients. The greatest part, he has the greatest Physician.  Jesus, is holding him in the palm of His hands.
 It looks like surgery will be around 2pm tomorrow and take about 3 hours. All of his girls will be there along with some dear friends waiting anxiously to see his face after surgery.

Here is what we are asking...
1. Please pray for my dad starting tonight. He can't eat at all until tomorrow evening. Need I say more?
2. Please pray for the surgery to go even better than expected. It's pretty intense. Pray for his doctor. For the Lord to guide his hands and give him the wisdom he will need.
3. Please pray for a fast and easy recovery.
4. Please pray for peace and strength for my mom.
5. Lastly, please pray that this will be the end of the cancer coaster for my dad.

We SO appreciate each and every one of your prayers, words of encouragement and support. This fight isn't over yet but we're about to beat this thing!

For those of you who have asked about meals. Please contact me if you would like to make a meal for my parents. My mom will be the last one to ask for help so either email, call, me. I have a calendar of dates that are open starting Saturday night.

Thank you again! We could not get through this without the love and support of our dear friends and family.
I will be posting updates on my facebook and twitter throughout the day tomorrow for those who are interested. It's easier than trying to call or text everyone.

Until then...may all your days be merry and oh so bright.

Big love

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