Saturday, November 13, 2010

Date night with dad

Kate and I had a date with Papa last night. Chris was lobster diving, Megan was with friends and momma is in New York. We both needed company so we went out and had so much fun at dinner. We went to the Lazy Dog which is always fun. Kate thought it was totally cool, she loved the lights and the doggies that were outside. She also chowed down her mac and cheese and french fries. I think she ate more than we did! She is becoming quite attached to her Papa and now walks around the house chanting his name. I'm feeling low on the totem pole these days because she only says my name once a month. What is up with that?! Thanks dad for a great date night! We are enjoying everyday together as he is getting ready to have his big surgery in 6 days and will be laying low for quite some time to recover. Please keep praying for him!

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