Thursday, November 25, 2010

I got it!

 Kate's face and joy this morning when she saw the Christmas tree all lit up in the living room was priceless. She was running around the house squealing with excitement. It was hard to get a picture of her standing still, that is why all these pictures are blurry. We have already had to move a couple ornaments up a bit higher. This could be a long month!

She got to eat her breakfast by the tree

Remember the face I told y'all last night about? The one that is not very nice or pretty? Well, I got a pretty good picture of it this morning. Chris was brushing Kate's hair to the side and she apparently didn't like it so she flashed the look. Man, does it hurt!

I don't know where the kid comes up with these things. She knows exactly when to flash it.
I also forgot to mention that Kate now knows how to open and close all the doors in the house. Nothing is safe anymore! I need to make a recording of "no no, please don't touch". I also need to learn to control my laughter when Kate gets into things shes not supposed to and when she flashes the scowl. I can't control myself. Chris and I are smashing our faces into the couch or against the wall to hide our smiles. This isn't working very well. How do you get mad at someone who is so small and gooshie with the cutest little voice and comes running to give you kisses when she knows she has done something wrong!? Love!

Oh Happy Day! Thankful for y'all!

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