Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Last Thursday we packed up and headed to the Kern River for a long weekend.
The boys enjoyed fishing while the girls took lots of walks, shopped the little town and took naps!
It was a lot cooler than we thought it would be, we were very thankful for our warm cabin!
Kate did really well with her first camping experience.
We were in a cabin and the rest of the family was in the tent trailer.

Caught a quick family picture before the boys went off to fish
 our camp site
 The beautiful Kern River
 Charming town of Kernville. Lots and lots of antiques!

 daddy and his baby girl

 Kate and Grammy

 Kate and Grandpa

 Daddy fishing

 Grandpa fishing! How adorable is he??

 The girls waiting around while our guys were fishing

Grandpa with his fish!
 Kate enjoying her s'more by the campfire. aka Graham Crackers
Oh how I miss my daily s'mores!

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