Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our adventure begins

I am feeling like a bad mom but then again who really follows their child's every footstep? Obviously not me!
Let me take you to my heart attack that happened today..

I was sitting on the couch sending an invoice for orders that I received. Kate had just been sitting next to me .2323 seconds before I heard her yell for me and banging on the door. I ran down the hall in panic wondering what room she let herself into when all of a sudden I look in her room and see her hands and face pressed against her closet door. She was stuck. Her closet door is frosted glass and inside her closet are lots of awesome drawers (which I envy!) My darling daughter had closed her closet door and then decided to open the bottom drawer which has her stuffed animals in it.
 I pushed as hard as I could and nothing would budge. The only thought that ran through my mind was breaking the glass. I freaked out for a couple reasons. 1. Kate was stuck inside her closet and starting to panic 2. I love that door and it was really freakin expensive, I didn't want to break the glass! 3. If I broke the glass we would both get hurt.
 At this point I am starting to sweat and my thoughts aren't making sense so I call my parents. They got in the car and headed up here. I called Chris to ask him what tools I should use. He very calmly gave me directions and was laughing inside at which point I got mad and told him this was serious!
As soon as I started to use the tools that Chris had me pull out he said this. "tell Kate to close the door." What? It is closed! "tell Kate to close the door". So I did..."precious, please close the door". Just as I was about to break down and cry wondering if I would ever see Kate again (ok maybe that's a little dramatic) the door opens. Thank you God for a smart child who listens to directions!!!!!! She totally closed the drawer as I had asked and we were reunited again. She was totally freaked out and didn't leave my side until we laid her in bed tonight.

The door

the drawer that was pulled out
 Thank God we didn't have to break the door! Oh, I can only imagine the adventures this girl is going to take us on. We are in for one wild ride. Guess we should put our seatbelts on now...

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