Saturday, November 13, 2010


Kate came down with her first cold this past week. It was heartbreaking. She was so stuffed up and her eyes were so swollen and watery. It made her extra snugly and sweet which made for some great mornings lounging in our bed and watching toons.

I knew she was sick when I made her all her favorite foods to eat and she hardly touched them. My girl never misses a meal. Kate was so sweet and shared her cold with me. I got it the worst out of the family. Go figure. Taking care of a sick baby while you're sick is interesting to say the least. Kate was sweet and brought me all the dish towels one by one while I laid on the couch for all of 7 minutes. At least she was thoughtful and put 3 of the 17 back. We're hoping this nasty cold was just from the crazy weather changes we're having here in So Cal and the lovely Santa Ana winds.

Stay healthy out there friends. Take your vitamins!

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