Friday, November 19, 2010

surgery day

I am so glad that today is here and almost gone! I am totally overwhelmed by the love and support we have been given our dear friends and family. Megan and I got picked up this morning by Sylvia, Wendy and Kym. They drove us to the hospital which was so sweet. We got to spend time with dad while he was in the prep room before surgery. We had fun trying to keep it light and silly. He went into surgery around 2:30 and finished up around 5pm. The surgeon removed the entire prostate and about 15 lymph nodes surrounding it. We should get the pathology report in about a week with the results. Please join us in praying for good news. We need them to be negative. Our amazing friends made the time pass quickly. We had many laughing attacks due to our exhaustion and the below freezing temperature in the waiting area. It sort of felt like we were at camp. We had our circle of chairs with our countless bags, computers, pillows and food in the middle. Could not have gotten through this day without those friends.
As much as we were ready for this day, I was not prepared for the heartbreak that would come with it. My dad is at the City of Hope Hospital which is for cancer patients only. It is devastating to see how many people are affected by this disease.  As we walked the halls we noticed that most of the beds were filled with very sick patients, most with no hair. It is so hard to understand. I won't even begin to question or ask God why people have to go through this. One day this will all make sense, just not on this side of eternity.

right before surgery

tired after 6 hours in a waiting room

strained a muscle in my neck, couldn't move!

The first time I saw my dad tonight was as he was getting rolled out from recovery and into his room. It was horrible. I've never seen my dad in a hospital or seen him sick. Tonight I saw him laying in a hospital bed extremely swollen and in an incredible amount of pain. It killed met. I have tried to be strong and the Lord has given me an amazing amount of peace but that doesn't mean this doesn't hurt my heart. I stood by him and tears filled my eyes and I looked at my daddy laying there in pain. I so wanted to help him feel better. All of this sort of didn't seem real until today. I wanted to click my heels and have us all back at home together, in no pain. I have so many friends who have been down this road. I never really know how heartbreaking it was until tonight. It's reality and it sucks. 

I am totally exhausted but I felt I needed to post something for all of you who have been sooo kind and supportive to my dad and my family and wanting to know what's going on. We are asking that you pray for his pain tonight. He has a long road of recovery (pain wise) ahead of him. I just talked to my mom and he is still extremely uncomfortable and hurting.

Thank you to Sylvia, Wendy, Kym, Randy and Vince for coming today. You filled our day with so much joy and helped bring a peace to our hearts that we so needed.

I hope to have great news for you in the morning.

My dad wanted to thank you all for praying for him. He is so grateful.

Lots of love, tears and faith happening tonight.

Bring me joy, bring me peace

Bring the chance to be free

Bring me anything that brings You glory

And I know there'll be days

When this life brings me pain

But if that's what it takes to praise You

Jesus, bring the rain

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