Wednesday, November 24, 2010


No, Your eyes aren't lying.
Apparently I was kidding when I said we weren't putting up a Christmas tree this year.
Kate has been doing well with my parents tree so Chris has convinced me that she is going to do great with ours also.
Mmmm hmmm. I'm scared to death.
She was excited beyond words when Chris started to bring in the tree.
"ree! reeeee!" She knew exactly what was happening.
Kate was daddy's helper until he pulled out the lights. Then it was all over. There were lots of no nos and please don't touch(s) going on.

We got the babe bathed and put to bed and popped in "Christmas Vacation" and poured some egg nog.
Chris and I had so much fun pulling out all the ornaments. We have an ornament from every single vacation we have taken together as a married couple. I got so excited about my purse ornament from Nordstroms. I had just said to Chris, "this one is my favorite!" and then.. wham!!! It fell off the tree and shattered. That totally made me grumpy and was the end of my decorating for the night. I felt like Kate for a minute there when she throws her fits. 

I give to you...the Andrews family Christmas tree!
Is it just me or does it feel like my house just shrunk big time?
Our little So Cal cottage seems to get smaller during the holidays.
Tis the season to be warm and cozy!

You'll be thrilled to know that my husband is putting up the Christmas lights on the house in the morning. No wasting time here. The turkey hasn't even been cooked and the tree is up, lights are on and I threw our cute home grown pumpkins away today. Something about this feels so wrong.

Time to kick my feet up and enjoy the glow that is radiating from our living room.

Have yourself a merry little day of thanks.
Enjoy your time with those you love. and eat up!

Ohhh...I can hardly wait to see the look on Kate's face in the morning when she sees the "ree" sitting in our living room all lit up!

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