Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Warm up

Our weekend was awesome.
It was relaxing, productive and just what everyone needed.
Kate actually slept in on Sunday, even with the time change.
The kid is a dream, I'm telling you.
We packed up and headed over to mom and dad's house for waffles in our jammies and watched a slide show of the pictures we had taken on Saturday night. We lounged the rest of the day while Chris and dad put up Christmas lights. Yes, you read that right...Christmas lights. It's so embarrassing but my dad has a good excuse. Surgery is next week and he wanted to have them up before he is on bed rest.
Momma and I went and did our grocery shopping at Sprouts and got a call from grandma and grandpa while we were there asking if they could come up and see Kate.
[side note: once you make your grandparents, great grandparents, it's all about the great grand kids.]
We went home and made homemade chicken noodle soup, cheese bread and salad and enjoyed the greatest evening with the family gathered around the dining room table. Andrea Bocelli Christmas music was playing in the background with the Christmas lights twinkling on the roof. It sort of felt like Christmas eve except we were all in sweats and there was no tree. I made apple crisp for dessert which totally hit the spot.
After dinner we all went outside to admire dads lights. Kate was the biggest fan at all and was the only one who wasn't embarrassed by it. The neighbors would drive by and stop. You know it threw them for a loop and I'm sure all the new neighbors who don't know my family and don't know what's going on, have to think they are crazy!
Time with family is precious. We cherish every second we get to spend with them.
Ok, so maybe my dads lights got me a bit excited for the season that is quickly approaching.
BUT, I'm still embarrassed. If Sunday night was just a warm up to what this season is going to be like then I can hardly wait!!!
Tis the season!

And with that I give you the Parker family house after day 1 of decorating and many many more to come..
Put your sunglasses on...

And this is what my husband tries to compete with...
Oh Lord, help me!

Time to bust out the sweaters, egg nog and delicious treats
and get in the Christmas sprit! Only 47 days left until the big day!

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