Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You better watch out...you better not cry!

Before I start Kate's date with Santa Clause tonight let's back up and look at their date from last year..Ok, so maybe she was only 2 months old but she liked the old guy..
She lounged on his belly and all was well...
Tonight we went to South Coast for dinner at Ruby's. It's a tradition.
 Every Christmas we go for burgers and fries, visit Santa and shop! Kate loved Rubys as always..

We waited in line at the North Pole only to find out that Santa had to go feed the reindeer
 (aka they were changing Santa's! haha)

Hanging out at the North Pole, what did you do tonight?

And then...Santa returned and it was our turn!
Kate watched him sit down in his big red chair and her pouty lip came just by looking at him
I placed her in his lap and this is what happened..

still does not like Santa..

Am I a bad mom for taking so many pictures of my child flipping out in Santa's lap??

Of course not! It was hilarious, plus everyone needs a screaming picture with Santa!
He gave her a candy cane and that solved her sadness for all of 5 seconds until she relived it again
and then again when we walked by the huge tree and she saw a fake Santa next to it..

Yeah, I don't think Santa is coming to our house this year.
I know the year is coming when she will sit on Santa's lap with her list of barbie dolls, purses and animals so this year we are going to enjoy the screaming and wanting nothing to do with the fat man in a red suit and no list.

Speaking of lists....we were close to bringing home this kitchen set from FAO. Kate was obsessed with it. She was baking cookies for her dada and papa and chewing on the spatula in between.

Good thing we don't have room for this in our little house.

She is so precious and has a face that is so hard to say no to.
Let's hope she never asks for a pony!

Poor Santa...maybe she'll like him next year!

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