Wednesday, January 12, 2011

15 months and counting..

Our girl turned 15 months old last week.
I can hardly keep up with her let alone her birthday each month.
We sing her "Happy Birthday" on the 7th of each month and she thinks it's hilarious.
We love to party around here.

Some of Kate's latest...

she loves to play outside

Kate is a star at playing soccer....
just need to teach her the no hands rule!

Kate has been going to bed around 7:30 at night and each morning is different.
Sometimes she wakes up at 7am, 8am or like today 9:30am.
She loves to sleep and so do I so we're happy campers.
Our little peanut is getting so big!
She is now 23.4 pounds which is the 60th percentile and is in the 70th percentile for height!
Kate is working on her 17th tooth! They just keep coming in!
It seems that she has forgotten how to walk, all she does is run and walk backwards!

Kate loves Sunday school, loves worship music and pretty sure she already has a heart that loves Jesus.

 Praise the Lord!
 Kate loves food. She is over baby food and wants big girl food. It has helped me make meals that are a bit more on the healthy side. She loves to praise the Lord at dinner too. She's such a happy girl!
 We're at the stage where Kate knows what she wants or at least thinks she knows what she wants. We're doing our best at trying to understand what she is trying to communicate with us. She is trying so hard to say words and is getting better each day. I would love to know why "mama" is still non-existent. She's all about her dada and papa.

I find her walking around the house on her cell phone saying "hi papa". She loves her boys.
Kate loves to read. She'll bring a pile to me and say "boo", that means book. She knows all the animals in her books and will point to them when you ask where they are. It's truly amazing. There is nothing that I love more than curling up on the couch or gliding in her rocker and reading the same books over and over. Very sweet.

This girl is a complete sponge. She loves to mimic us which is quite hilarious. Every night after dinner is family time. We turn off the TV and all the distractions and just spend time as a family. Sometimes we read books, sometimes we dance, sometimes we have tickle wars. Who would have ever know this would be our entertainment. It's the best ever and we are loving every single second. Yes, even the tantrums because those too are quite hilarious.

Ahhh, life is good!

Happy 15 months baby girl.
Love you to the moon and back x10000

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