Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Come on down!!!!

Ok, so I got more tickets sent to me last month. This time they were for "The Price is Right". I took them and was excited because I used to watch the show all the time with my Pops. It was one of his favorite shows. I would also stay home sick from school when I was little to watch Bob Barker and all the crazy people spin the wheel. 
I took three hot friends who are fun. We loaded up in the Edge and had lunch at Farmer's Market and walked over to CBS Studios. The whole process from when we stepped foot onto the studio to getting our seats inside took 4 hours. We checked in and waited for our number to be called to stand in another line. Once we were in line we filled out a little form and got our name tags. I was stoked about my yellow name tag. That's all I wanted out of the show and yes, that is all I got! ha. We got our picture taken as a group and then we waited for interviews. They take 15 or so people at a time and a guy goes down the line and says "Hi Nicole, so what do you do?" I told him that I'm a "Domestic Engineer and a Professional diaper changer...aka I'm a stay at home mom." I was seriously nervous. My hands and feet were sweating and I was so relieved once that was over. Apparently none of us in our group were funny because we didn't get picked. That's ok though. We sat in the front row right next to the announcer.

 I wish I had pictures to show you of the studio but they take your phones and cameras while filming. They have not changed one thing about the studio since they started the show, well maybe light bulbs but that's it. I was surprised how small the studio actually is. The stage is tiny. It was a lot different than I had expected. Then again, not really sure what I expected. I haven't watched the show in a good 10 years. And um, 98% of the crowd was stuck in the 70s and 80s. I think there were a handful of us who were from California and dressed liked it was 2000. I'm pretty sure most of the people there live and breathe the Price Is Right and watch it from their old television set in South Dakota (no offense SD friends). Am I right or what when I say that Midwest folks are the biggest fans ever of the Price is Right!? They are seriously intense. Peoples dreams came true yesterday when they walked into the studio and as they walked out without getting their name called they all of a sudden didn't look so happy. I couldn't help but laugh. Out of 300 something people, 8 people get picked. Slim chances. I was stoked just to be part of it and see how it all goes down.
Oh, and Drew Carey. He sort of creeps me out. He fake smoked like 50 times during commerical breaks and was just weird. I liked him better when he was fat.

I did learn a few tips that might help some of you future goers of the Price is Right get picked to play.
#1. Wear a cheesy home made shirt about the show. Preferably bright and obnoxious
#2. Eat a lot before you come, the chunkier the better (again no offense to my fluffy friends, better chances!)
#3. It's really cool if you have fake pieces of colored hair attached to your real hair
#4. Big hair and a lot of make up, it's a must
#5. Jump up and down every second you are in line yelling 1 dollar! Never stop smiling and act like the peppiest cheerleader you have ever seen!
#6. You must be really funny and obnoxious

Ahh LA is so entertaining and so exhausting. Can't wait to go back. And since we forgot to take a picture of our group with our fabulous yellow name tags, the momma wanted to take mine when I got home. Please, excuse my face and my messy hair. It was a long 12 hour day but I'm still excited about my name tag. It's now stuck in my laundry room cupboards. I love you Price Is Right. Thank you for making me feel classy, skinny and confirming that my wardrobe is up to date.
Oh, and our show airs on February 16th in case any of you would like to watch.

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