Saturday, January 1, 2011

A fresh start.

I love new things.
New clothes, new shoes, new accessories, a new day...
a whole new year!
It seems that with each new year comes; new dreams, wishes, goals, resolutions.....
I always love to hear the excitement in others as they talk about the new year and the things they want to achieve. It inspires me. I have never been one to have a "resolution". I am a dreamer, a big one at that. I have dreams and am determined to accomplish them. I am determined now more than ever to create big dreams and live them out. I have personal dreams and dreams for my family.
Twenty Ten was a good year for us.
We watched our newborn baby blossom into a brilliant toddler, we celebrated three wonderful years of marriage, we bought our first car together, we traveled to some amazing places, got to spend time with our entire family on both sides and was able to do some awesome re-models on the house.
It was a growing experience for me as I spent my first year at home raising Kate. It's been fun learning how to manage our money and make it stretch. God is soo faithful! I started a little business and actually made a profit! I'm very proud of that. I lost all my pregnancy weight and then some.
I can't tell you how excited I am for 2011.
It's going to be challenging, it will stretch us and test our faith but you can't grow without any of that.
It's also going to be filled with much joy, new journeys and living out our dreams.
It's a fresh start. A clean slate. A new beginning.

I am inspired. I want to be a better person. I want to be more organized. I want to give more of myself to others. I want to encourage the broken hearted. I want to love those who aren't lovely. I want to help those with needs. I want to be a better wife. I want to tell the world about Jesus. I want Kate to know how much she is loved. I want to cook more. I want to spend hours and hours with our grandparents. I want atheists to feel Gods love for them. I want to be able to understand God's unconditional love for us, it's hard to fathom. I just want to love.

I have a lot of wants and even more dreams.

I want you to know that I am thankful for you.
Yes, even those of you who somehow stumbled upon my little blog.
Thank you for taking the time to read about our life and my sensitive heart. I'm so glad that you found us.

So happy to share this journey with you and welcome twenty eleven together.
Today is a brand new day, a brand new year...a fresh start.
Do something with it and be the change that you want to be in the world.

With God...nothing is impossible...

Love y'all.

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