Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mr. Ducky

I don't have much time tonight but I wanted to post a couple sweet pictures that were taken this weekend.
Kate was sick all week and after being couped up in the house for a couple days we finally broke out yesterday and went to feed the ducks. Kate loved feeding them eating the bread that we brought to feed the ducks. She was so amused watching them come right up to her feet.

 The ducks are nice if you have food, if you don't then they come chasing after you. I know this because it has happened several times to me. I am the one running for my life from a pathetic duck while my husband hides behind a tree because he doesn't want to be linked to the crazy blond.
 Don't worry. We didn't have that problem yesterday.
 We brought plenty of bread.

 Ahh, it was another gorgeous weekend here in So Cal. I got a tan.
 Well maybe not a full on tan but I have tan lines y'all.
Have a beautiful week!
Make the most of everyday and be joyful!

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