Sunday, January 2, 2011

A new to do list...

2011 is about getting organized & making the most of our 1,100 square foot cottage.

The last "major" things we have left to do are the two bedroom closets. Chris built Kate an amazing walk in closet of which I am quite jealous of.
See below...

He has started to design the master walk in closet.
It needs serious help y'all.
Do I dare post a picture? Maybe then you will see that I am not making up the disaster that it is.

The outside isn't so bad, eh?

peeking in...

it's like BAM!
A huge mess in your face!

Clothes are spilling out of everything.

My poor shoe rack.
Actually all I own are sandals and boots
and why yes, those are my awesome neon crocks (don't judge)

I need help...
there has to be some show out there that will come and help organize closets, right?
Would you believe me if I told you I just took 4 big Nordstrom bags filled with clothes to the Good Will?
It's true.
I also donated 4 handbags and I still have a pile..
A girl can never have enough handbags.
They're like shoes. You have to rotate them so you don't wear them out.
And then there is Chris' closet. AKA the closet in the office.
The office will one day be another bedroom which means Chris is going to have to move out of this closet and into the master with me. ::::gasp::::: I don't know how we're going to do it but we will.
Here is my husbands humble abode..

Built in drawers and shelves will be on this side...

and there will be two hang bars on this side along with a shelf on the bottom
We have a lot of work ahead of us.

There is more on our to do list but this is all my mind can handle for now. I love designing and making the most of our cozy space. This is going to be a fun. Getting things lined up for Craigslist, the Good Will and our "keep" pile.

I'll keep pictures coming as things are updated.

Heck, maybe I'll start my own Organization Show.
Hoarders have a show, so should neat freaks!

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