Thursday, January 20, 2011

Project #1 - DONE

Sometimes I think my husband is superman.
This is what his closet looked like on Sunday morning..

He tore out the old hang bars along with the one piece of lame wood that was the shelf.
He patched the wall where the old shelf was, scraped the popcorn ceiling and tore out the molding.
Kate and I took a trip to Home Depot on Monday afternoon to pick up the last of the supplies.
I took off my apron and traded it for a tool belt and textured the ceiling and walls and primed while she napped.
I also threw out all these chunky hangers

took a quick trip to costco and bought these heavenly hangers!
50 for $15, best deal out there....I bought two boxes!

brand new closet!
fresh paint and moldings..
4 shelves, 4 drawers and space for a space saver basket

Doubled the hang space!
2 bars plus a shelf that runs along the top that will have wicker baskets for storage
This will be perfect for another kiddo one day!

Until then my husband has filled it up quite well
He has a ton of clothes
This is after we made a discard and giveaway pile
Ta Da!

Ahhh, it feels so good to have another room and closet down!
Everything got scrubbed and organized. Very refreshing.

The grand total for this project: $450
It was worth every penny for our sanity and making the most of our little space.

Our to-do list for the house seems to be growing as I read home magazines and get ideas on how to organize and use spaces in the home to the max.
I'm excited.

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