Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Recent Happenings..

Kate and I have been all over town this past week.
Last Friday we went to grandama and grandpas house to spend time with them and help out with things around the house. We love our time with them. They have got to be two of the most precious souls that the Lord ever created.
We enjoyed lunch in their beautiful backyard and Kate relaxed on the swing with her great papa.
 He showed Kate his juggling skills.
 She is the best ball retriever ever.
 Kate gave her GG lots of loves as she isn't feeling well these days.
 Kate and I had lunch at Mimi's with a couple dear friends on Saturday while Chris took the GMAT. (more on that later)
 We met up with my Lo Lo, Leslie, Leah and Sophia...
 Too bad I forgot to take pictures of us!
 Kate and So So
Too cute.
 We've been spending lots of time outside the past week.
 It's been 80+ degrees here in So Cal.
 Loving the sunshine on my face, fresh air blowing through the open windows and birds singing.
 Kate is loving being outdoors!
 She loves airplanes and points to the sky when she hears them fly over..
 We've also been spending lots of time reading books.
I've got the biggest book worm ever.

 Sending kisses

Happy Tuesday Y'all!

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