Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Story Time..

Rach and I took the girls to story time at the library this morning...
SO fun! I couldn't believe how many toddlers, mommas, daddy's and grandmas there were.
The girls had fun dancing and pretending to listen to the stories.
Kate wanted to play with all the kids around her and dance.
They'll catch on soon enough..

After story time the girls colored ate crayons.
They will learn how to color pretty in due time.
I finally got to see the beautiful quilt that my aunt made for the children's center in the library
I got my first library card. Well first one since I was 12. I thought that was pretty cool!

Kate had a blast picking out her books for the week

more like for the month!
We picked out 3 and will read them before our next story time date next week

I love having a baby who adores books.
I am so not a book worm but am making it a priority for our children. 
All the stories, books, dancing and crayon eating wore Kate out.

Can't wait to go back next week with our dear friends!!!

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Deanna Buoniconti said...

How fun! We were planning to go this week, but ended up at Granola Babies instead... maybe we will see you next week!!