Thursday, February 24, 2011

It is finished

My sweet grandma has heard the words "well done, my good and faithful servant".
She took her last breath last night at 8pm and ran into the arms of her Maker. Her infections are gone, her depression has been wiped away and she has been made whole and perfect. Her body lays lifeless here on earth but her soul has been made new and she has entered into eternity with God. What a great reminder that our bodies are just shells and weren't made to last forever. We were made for a greater purpose and right now my grandma is experiencing that. After I got the news last night, I wept. Death is something that is never easy no matter how prepared you think you are. We were desperate for the Lord to take grandma home, to take her out of her suffering but hearing the words that she is gone weren't easy to hear. I cried for hours. I laid in my bed and memories of my grandma and grandpa flooded my mind. Such good memories.
The one thing I kept picturing was my grandma at the gates of Heaven and meeting Jesus face to face. She was standing there with Him with the biggest smile on her face and all she was saying was "finally!!!!"  Yes! Finally she is with the good Lord, as she called Him. Grandma was not one who went to church or even read the Bible but she loved Him and she believed in Him and because of that she is now basking in His glory. She has finally been reunited with Pops, something she has been waiting on for the past 3 years. The anniversary of his death is coming up on Sunday. How cool that they get to celebrate the anniversary of his homecoming together! I imagine them dancing on those streets of gold. Smiling. Laughing. Nothing but pure joy.
Thank you Lord for my precious grandparents. Thank you for the sweet time that I had with them. Thank you for the love and grace they showed me. Thank you for the joy they added to my life. Thank you for the peace that you have filled my hurting heart with. I rest knowing that they have seen your sweet face and you have welcomed them Home. Thank you for reminding me that Heaven is my dream home, the place my soul longs for. Thank you for your promise.
My grandma and grandpa Parker are in Paradise and that makes my heart leap with joy!

..Oh how I miss them..

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Nikki that post was beautiful!! How perfect is God's timing that your grandma be called home as the coming anniversary of your grandpa's passing. Wow is all I can say. Praying for your family and I know how hard losing someone is, but happy for you that you have great memories to cherish forever!