Tuesday, February 15, 2011

my own name

I am so excited about my "new site".....This is the same ole blog I started 3 years ago, only with a new name and a little face lift. I will be changing a few things as I go but decided I should keep the blog unlocked during construction. I had no idea how many of you like to read "Keeping up with the Andrews" on a daily basis until it was in hiding. Y'all are so sweet and it brings me much joy hearing how much you enjoy keeping up with my little family. That is exactly that this was intended for. I started this blog with intentions of keeping our family near and far update with things that are going on in our life. As the years have passed it has sort of blossomed into a place for friends, family and strangers near and far to keep up with us. I've had several people ask if I feel exposed with putting our life on the internet. Yes and no is my answer. Yes, our life is exposed but that is our choice and not everything that we do, say or see gets published. Our life, for the most part is an open book. This journey that we are on is real. We share our joy, trials and sadness in hopes of encouraging someone who might be going through the same thing. I love my daily blog catch up time. It's so neat to see how other people live and have a glimpse into lives that are so different from mine. Here at "Keeping up with the Andrews" y'all know that we love the Lord and He is the head of our house. He is the foundation of our marriage, our home, in raising children and for this blog. I love that I have readers who aren't Christian. I even have some who are atheists. I love that they still come back to see what's going on in our life and how the Lord is doing a work in our heart. This may sound a bit silly as I don't know the majority of my readers personally but I pray for y'all. This is my heart typed out on these pages. It's personal, deep and sometimes goofy but it's me. I pray that the words I type out aren't my own, I pray that when you click out of the blog you leave encouraged or with a smile on your face. This is my passion and it brings my little heart much joy knowing that y'all join me in it.
The new name for my blog is quite simple and speaks for itself. When trying to come up with my own thing, the only name that kept coming to mind was my southern heart. I guess it has a couple different meanings.
#1. I live in southern California
#2. My heart longs to live in the South, Tennessee to be exact.
#3. My little heart is southern in almost every way. I love the talk, the food, the comfort, the beauty, the sweet tea, the love for people, the values and I love the love people have for Jesus in the south.
#4. This blog is my heart typed out on the internet.

I decided on the name as I was watering my garden. My husband thought it should be named "the fisherman's wife". I gave it a couple good laughs and thanked him for his input. Maybe if we lived in Alaska!

Anyways, welcome to Southern At Heart...

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