Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello sunshine.

It's finally arrived. Sunshine. Blue skies. Sweet tea. and a whole lot of white fat legs! I don't think I've looked at my legs since last summer and I was in for a bit of a shocker today as I slipped on my new bathing suit. Whatever, I blame it on winter and the frigid weather we had {ha}.
Besides that depressing news, we are in full spring mode over here. Windows open, house has been cleaned out, clothes have been donated, flowers are blooming, bathing suits have been bought AND we have our first beach day on Friday.
 Check out these girls

 Warning: dorky picture ahead
curly hair and sweet tea

This girl kills me
she rocks these glasses from her auntie Jen so well

 I have a new garden helper

 My mini me or what?
Hope y'all are enjoying this gorgeous weather {my friends in the Midwest-East coast, hope y'all are starting to thaw out!} I have a couple posts that are ready to be published, they may be a bit sparse because um, we're going to have weather in the high 80s and low 90s through the weekend and y'all know that I'm a sun goddess and all. The sweet tea will be flowin' and this white girl will be, well not as white soon! Happy days y'all.

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