Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Toddler and Kitten for sale

You read that right. Highest bidder gets them both.
However, you might consider reading this post before you submit your best offer.

Kate and I had a sleep over at my grandparents house last night.
{more of that to come at the end}
I have been exhausted all day due to our girls night.
Our day went well and was mellow until 5pm.

I had potatoes on the stove, pork chops in the oven, fresh fruit cut up and garlic bread cooking. I was determined to have a nice meal on the table for my man since I was away last night.

Things were good.

All until I was on the phone with my mom and realized Kate wasn't in the living room playing with her toys. I walked back to our room only to find the master bathroom door shut. She had once again locked herself in the bathroom. I did my best to keep my cool and asked her to shut the drawer so I could open the door. Nothing. I tried to tell her that she would get a special treat if she would come out. That sort of worked. Kate tried to open the door but no luck since the drawer was open. I could feel my blood pressure start to rise at this point. She was playing in the drawers and chewing on our toothbrushes, playing with the toothpaste and pulling out my hair products. There was no way she was about to close the drawer and let me in. I got smart and got a pair of thin scissors and some how was able to shut the drawer and open the door just as she started to pull off all the toilet paper.

Once I got Kate settled with her dinner I went back to my bathroom to put this disaster away. Only to find a huge puddle of cat pee on our bed and on the floor. The more I was scrubbing the more pee I found. On the drapes, on the rug... Oh my gosh. Bentley was locked in our room for several hours {thanks to Kate} and apparently used our room as his cat box. Not sure if you've smelled cat pee recently but it has got to be one of the worst smells out there. And with being the clean freak that I am, I freaked. Everything got washed. The drapes, the comforter, the down comforter, the rug...everything. Some things got washed twice.

I went back to check on Kate and apparently she wasn't fond of her dinner so she threw it e v e r y w h e r e. So, not only was my room a disaster, my child was now covered in chicken, rice and veggies along with the living room floor AND at the same time my potatoes overflowed on the stove causing it to catch fire. Kate then decided to get all of her folded laundry and scatter it throughout the house. Hello biggest mess ever.

Chris got home just in time. I had to close the windows because I was sure our neighbors were going to call the CPS on me due to my freaking out and lack of patience. I can assure you that my freaking out was not done towards Kate. Those darn drapes sent me over the edge and I let them have a piece of my mind, a big one. Needless to say, my man is going to deal with them tomorrow. We're still waiting for the sheets to be done in the dryer so there will be no more cleaning and I've used more than enough french words tonight.

Mark my words. No more pets for us. For a long time at least. Also, it's time I find a new place for our toothbrushes since Kate is absolutely obsessed with brushing her teeth. She smiles pretty and says cheese while she brushes them. The kid kills me.

There was good in this evening and that was we booked our first summer trip today.


[Last Night]

4 generations of girls stayed the night at grandma and grandpas. Momma, Auntie, Kate and I. Grandpa was in the hospital for the night for some testing and us girls had the best time together.

It was one of those times where you want to soak it all in because you know it's a once in a lifetime sort of thing. The picture above was snapped while everyone was singing to Kate. It was so sweet. She then sat on her great grandpas lap and he sang to her and gave her a bottle before he headed off to the hospital.

Us girls enjoyed ourselves by indulging in girl scout cookies, brownies and drinks. 

Thanks to my cute grandma we are all beat today because she was up at 4am wondering the halls and turning on and off the lights every other minute.

It has been an "are you kidding me??" kind of day.

After it's all said and done, I think I'll keep my messy, stinky troublemakers.

Even if I am grumpy beyond all grumps tonight.

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Jamie Fingal said...

Not much sleep, but so much fun to be altogether and just talk and laugh and enjoy each others company. Kate was totally fun, as usual. She has a jOyful spirit.