Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

It has been one blessed week. We've been soaking in our time as a family. Spending our afternoons by the pool and playing with friends. Working on the house and doing little projects here and there. Shopping for our summer vacations. Enjoying grilling out in the backyard and SO much more.
BUT nothing compares to what we celebrated this weekend.

My heart always becomes heavy on Good Friday. The thought of Jesus dying for me is overwhelming. Being nailed to a cross with a crown on thorns drilled into his head and hanging next to sinners when He was sinless. It is hard to comprehend and it won't all make sense until the day we meet face to face. I am so thankful for that day.

There is hope because three days later, he rose from the dead.
Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.

 Thank you Lord!

 So, we celebrated with our closest friends and family on Sunday morning over brunch. It was probably one of my favorite Easters even though we were all inside and cozy due to the rain.

And! The Easter bunny even came to visit. 

a mini dirt devil vacuum from momma & dadda

A Pottery Barn filled basked from Mimi & Papa

 smiling pretty

 Easter Best

 Despite all the rain, we had an egg hunt with the kids

Grandma and Grammy

Mimi and Papa

My little family

Reading her new books from Auntie JP

Sorting eggs

my helper

Gardening with momma

This kid is still hunting eggs.

Does anyone out there want a basket filled with plastic eggs? Not sure I can do one more egg hunt! The girl is obsessed! As I was gardening out front today she brought out her eggs one by one and placed them on the grass to hunt. Once they were all collected she wanted me to scatter them over the lawn. I'm sure our neighbors think we're nutts. Oh well. At least I'm getting some sun while we hunt for the 125849 time.

Hope y'all had a blessed Easter.

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