Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I am complete again.

We survived another tax season and are finally back together as a family! It is wonderful having my husband home at 5pm, enjoying a family dinner at a normal time and playing outside until the sun goes down. It thrills me to see him so happy and absolutely melts my heart watching Kate with her dada. She has not let him out of her sight. This season has made my appreciation for my man grow even more. He worked 80+ hour weeks, had 2 days off in 2 months and did not complain once. I learned a lot from him and his attitude. He was just doing his job and serving his family. But not only did he work his butt off and serve his family, he did it well. There is a lot to be said for that.

If I could, I would marry this man over and over, day after day.
I am so thankful that he is mine and I am his.

 -marry me, today and every day-

.. I am so happy with you by my side..

 Love you baby.
Thank you for all you do for your girls.
Your love, support and encouragement have made my life so rich.
I thank the Lord for you daily and praise Him for making you for me. Thank you for being a Godly man and encouraging your girls daily to want to love the Lord more. I am so glad that you picked me to be the one to stand by your side until the end of time. 
Thank you for marrying me..

PS. you single moms out there totally rock. I don't know how you do it. 

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