Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Double Date Night, Family Style

Chris and I have been blessed with the greatest friends. I've known Rachel ever since we were born but never started hanging out until a few years ago when we both got engaged. Her and Mark were married two weeks before us and we had our babies 10 days apart. We had wedding showers and baby showers together, went through Lamaze class together and are having so much fun raising our girls together.

Rach and I get together at least once a week and recently have been doing family date night once a week this month.
Last week we went to Bruxies in Old Town Orange to introduce our guys to fab waffles and this week we went to Downtown Disney for dinner and free dessert.

Rainforest Cafe'

After dinner the mariachi band was playing on stage in Downtown Disney, the girls danced and danced and danced until our faces hurt from laughing. Next time we're going back just for the mariachi band with our video cameras. Those girls have moves like no ones ever seen before. They are definitely white.

Between Rach and I, we find good deals and tonight she scored! Haagen-Dazs was giving away free ice cream from 4-8pm. The line was maybe a 4 minute wait and we all walked out with free ice cream cones of our favorite ice cream! x2 because we ate the girls scoops :)

Kate was happy with the cone

Ava enjoying her strawberry ice cream

People watching was at it's finest last night. I even got an embarrassing laughing attack because of it. 
I have to say the most embarrassing thing we saw were our husbands...

Synchronized Stroller Rides
Need I say more? They took off weaving their way through the crowd as Rachel and I walked behind {way behind} them and laughed. Our poor girls and their crazy dads. 

Ah, such fun! We love our friends and are so excited about our upcoming vacation with these 3!

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