Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our kick off to summer!

Summer has officially started in this house! Finally! Our vacations have begun!

Memorial day evening, my mom, Kate and I packed up and headed out to Palm Desert. It was just us girls the first night until our dear friends Wendy, Rachel, Taylor and Ava joined us on Tuesday. We shared countless laughs, lounged in the warm sunshine and sipped smoothies by the pool. A perfect girl trip.

 After our moms left on Thursday afternoon we got ready for our husbands to join us! Chris and Mark arrived that evening and their baby girls were beyond thrilled to see them..

We stayed at the Marriott Villas, the same resort we go to every year. It is so awesome for families. The girls loved running on the rolling green grass. They would count 1! 2! 3! Go! and run down the tiny hill...for hours!  Playing hide and seek around the tree was also a favorite. Ava thought it was so funny!
 The sprinklers must come on at least 3 times a day. The girls were extremely entertained running through them and getting absolutely soaked. Our intention was to do a little photo sesh with their matching outfits...these are pretty priceless if you ask me..

 my water baby

 Best Friends forever and ever..


 We lounged all week by the baby pool. The girls thought it was awesome that they could sit in it and splash like they were so big. Kate was hilarious and kept her hat and glasses on all day by the pool. My little mini me with her windshield of sunglasses..
a sweet moment.

oh how I love the desert..

 The Golinos, we love you!

All relaxed after a great week!
We're so blessed to have such great friends in our life. We're already planning to go back next year and make it an annual trip. So fun for the girls to grow up together and have such sweet memories.

Just a couple more weeks until we touch down in my favorite city ever!!!! Any guesses?

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