Friday, July 8, 2011

My little prune

I had my 10 week appointment this afternoon at my OB office. Besides having to wait over an hour to be seen, it was an awesome visit. My nurse was the sweetest thing and went over a ton of things with me and answered questions I had. It came time for the doppler and she found the heart beat right away. It was registering high so she did an ultrasound right there to insure that there was only one little peanut growing in there. Yep, just one! We must have caught him/her at a very active time because the baby was kicking the little legs and moving those arms all over. It was at that instant that I felt my heart grow. I fell in love all over again. This pregnancy is just now starting to feel real! We have a healthy little one in there with a heart rate of 180...takes after it's big sister.

With that being said, I want to hear what y'all think we're having.
Is Kate going to have a baby brother or a baby sister?
There is a poll at the top, it's all anonymous. I can't wait to see what the majority says.
We find out in 40 or so days...

Also, stay tuned for my first trimester belly pics. I've been talking them weekly since we found out we were expecting at 4 weeks! Quite entertaining I must say! You'll get a kick out of watching me grow.

Oh yeah, and the little one is about the size of a prune right now. How sweet, right?

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