Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer time and easy living

I recently found a product that is definitely going to make living a little easier, especially in the summer summer time. We love to lounge around the pool, float and swim. So does Kate. Up until this week we have held her with a tight grip so she could splash and play. This weekend, she swam all by herself thanks to this little beauty! It's cute, Kate thinks it's great to wear, it's under $20, free shipping and it's coast guard approved. Don't get me wrong, you definitely can't put this on your kidlet and think you're off duty, especially when they are just getting used to it. Kate loves having the freedom and just after a day of using it she now knows how to kick her feet, float on her back and turn around and swim to the steps. Greatest thing EVER!

It is heartbreaking hearing about all the drownings that have already happened this summer. Don't let your precious one be the next victim! If you have a pool, gate it! A little life is more important that ruining the look of your backyard.

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Hey Nikki,
What is the name of this product? Love the idea :-)