Monday, July 4, 2011

A sweet little piece

I am the queen of decorating and decorating again and again...
I think it's safe to say that our little cottage is almost right where I want it.

Our living room is an odd room. It's the first room you walk into when you come in the front door and between the wall space, the tall ceilings and the way the windows and doors are situated, it's been hard to get it just the way we had envisioned.

This is the way it's looked for the past 3+ years.
I've never been happy with the tiny black "entertainment center" in the corner...

So, when my parents awesome neighbors (shout out to the Chunsides!) put out this corner piece I ran over and knocked on their door and they said we could have it...for FREE!
I adore corner pieces.


All it took was a trip to home depot for paint and new hardware and and a couple days to paint it...

I spray painted the new hinges and screws and hand painted the rest

..Ta Da!..

We love it! Our room is still akward but this helps so much with the height and color.
I painted it chocolate brown and added dark oil rubbed bronze knobs.
I still need to add a couple more things to put it in but I'm stoked that we no longer look like the hillbillies with our cable box and xbox sitting out!
I am now on the hunt for another corner piece for the new nursery that we will be starting on next month!

Amazing what a little imagination, paint and muscles from your husband can do.

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Nikki I LOVE it!!!! I wish I could get my rooms to look so neat as your room does :-)