Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Going blue.

I have been in full on planning/organizing/shopping mode since sharing the news of our baby boy this past weekend. I hit the ground running on Sunday. Our little guy has a darling wardrobe already and his room is now all ordered and on the way.
I had a date with Restoration Hardware this morning and got it all banged out.
SO excited to share Williams room with you..

The bedding

 The rug

I also ordered a sweet little cloud blue cable knit blanket to throw over the glider that has his name on it along with new plush bedding for the moses basket. It's all from Restoration Hardware, hands down my favorite place for nursery's! The walls will be a soft grey and charcoal grey letters will be above his bed to spell out "WILL"

It's so fun doing something totally different. We get to see the little guy again next week and I can't wait to see how he's grown!

Next on the agenda is getting a new desk tomorrow and moving the entire office by this weekend. My goal is to have Kate's new room all cleared out by next week so we can install the crown molding and start painting!

Exciting things happening! I'll do my best to post as we move along. Doing two rooms at once (well 3 if you count the office) is crazy fun. I want it all done before I have a big belly and no motivation! We are on our way!

Thank you to Mimi and Papa for spoiling Will and buying his room set!
He is so loved already!

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