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A little family tradition

We have lots of fun traditions in our family. The one we're working on right now is pretty awesome.

A playhouse.

Not just any playhouse like the little plastic one in our backyard. No, this is a full on mini house!
My grandpa built a playhouse for his kids, my dad and grandpa built a playhouse for my sister and I and now my dad and my husband are building a playhouse for Kate and Will and the other future grand kids.

Construction started two weeks ago and it is well on it's way. Chris found a design online and has tweaked it to make it a bit more custom. It is going to be nothing short of fabulous.

Check out what the boys have been up to...
Just a little weekend project :)

Day 1.

Day 2.

 Day 3.

Kate and her boys

Day 4.
hard at work..

Day 5.

Kate already adores her "big house" as she so lovingly calls it. She was happy with how it looked on day 1. There is still so much to be done and the boys are trying to get it all done in the next month. 

The roof and trim are set to go on this weekend, followed by siding, the front porch railing, electricity and then they will focus on dry-walling the interior and all the other details. It will have a ceiling fan inside, along with a flat screen TV, lights and a front porch light to boot. This is the greatest gift, I can hardly wait to see our kids play and enjoy their new space.

I'm going to dig through my old pictures and look for my old playhouse to share with y'all. 

The hardhats will be back on tomorrow!


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