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24 weeks

Happy Viability Week to our little man! I am always relieved when I make it to this week. The chance of survival if born right now is 50% where as if he was born before this week, the doctors don't even try to save the baby. Of course we pray that William cooks in my belly until he is considered full term but I did breath a sigh of relief on Tuesday when I made it to 24 weeks without any problems!

Weeks: 24

Cravings: Believe it or not, there hasn't been anything in the past couple of weeks that I just had to have. I do find myself searching the kitchen and baking lots of sweet things though. We're cruising along and I know that my husband is thankful for no crazy cravings that have him going out in search of.

Food Aversions: None! Yes, I am feeling like a normal person again! :)

Heartbeat: still in the 160's.

Gender: precious baby BOY!

Extras: I'm feeling great and love feeling our boy get stronger with his kicks and thumps. I have no idea what position he is in right now but it's a funky one. Sort of feels like he's transverse. I'm up a total of 13 pounds which is pretty much where I was at with Kate at this point. The only thing that is saving me is my daily long uphill walks that I take Kate on each morning. I need to get better about doing my arm weights because for the first time in my life I have back fat. :::gasp::: I can't believe I just admitted that. You know the fat right behind your arms on your back? Yeah, I am so disturbed and am determined to make it disappear before this little man arrives. Other than that wonderful bit of news, things are great and I can't wait to see my doctor in a week for my checkup.

At week 24, William is now the size of a papaya and weighs around 1.3 pounds. Thank God all 13 of those pounds aren't all me! :)

Only a couple more weeks left in the 2nd tri! Amazing!


Jamie Fingal said…
Absolutely love the comparison of baby size to a piece of fruit. So happy for you!

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