Saturday, November 26, 2011

30 weeks

Weeks: 30

Cravings: I love everything.

Food Aversions: None!

Heartbeat: high 150's

Gender: precious baby BOY!

Extras: Hard to believe I only have 7-10 weeks left of baby boy living in my tummy! SO much to do! The nursery is painted and should be complete within the next couple of weeks. I can hardly wait to start washing all his sweet clothes, blankets and such in a few weeks! I wasn't able to make my DRs appointment last week due to the passing of my grandpa but I'm looking forward to going this coming week to see how big Will is getting. I'm up 19 pounds, lost a couple this week due to stress..not sure that's a good thing but I know I'll be up 20+ in no time. I was completely blessed this past week by my Bible study girls who threw Will and I a beautiful shower. He is just as loved as his big sister already! Lots on my to-do list in these next couple of weeks. Will and I have lots of growing to do!

Our little guy is now the size of squash and weighs around 3 pounds!

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