Friday, December 16, 2011

Master Closet Remodel

 This has got to be my most exciting post yet. ha.
Our 3rd and final closet remodel is complete! Our master closet went from being my store all disaster to a space that now fits Chris and I with room to spare!!!!
Sort of seems impossible when you see the before pictures..

original cupboards and old hangers

shoes everywhere! I love how my gardening Crocs stick out. Beautiful.

 the chest that held my 17 pairs of jeans

8 bags of clothes donated to the Good Will later along with the master mind that my husband is to design a new set up and build it all means we now fit in one closet together.
How cute.

Ta da!  
Complete with a smooth ceiling & can lights.
The electrical has been moved to accomodate our cable box along
with my husband converting all the cables to HD.

 The corner until that still has two whole sections that are empty!
I plan on eventually getting cute wooden baskets to put along the top for extra storage when we need it. You know having all this extra space is a great excuse to go shopping and fill it up! A huge space saver is our hangers. Pictures aren't great but you get the point. You can make any small space efficient! It is so wonderful to finally have all of us settled in our own closets and have them organized!

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