Monday, January 2, 2012

To Do List- December

I've been busy...

House & more...
Have rugs cleaned
Clean living room window coverings
Clean kitchen window coverings
Scrub baseboards/touch up with fresh paint
Clean out "baby" cabinet in kitchen
Scrub kitchen cabinets
Buy new drapes for kitchen slider
Clean ceiling fans/chandelier
Clean up/organize laundry room
Steam clean wood floors
Deep clean bathrooms
Buy new towels for both bathrooms
Wash windows/screens
Remodel master closet
Clean out toy chest in living room
Organize baby toys/toddler toys
Set up & wash new moses basket in our room
Stock bathrooms/storage cabinet for the winter

Replant garden for the winter
Get XTerra detailed
Get Jeep detailed
Install newborn car seat in both cars
Pack hospital bags
Pack Kate's overnight bag
Pack diaper bag

Will's Room
Paint walls soft grey
Touch up moldings
Hang letters above crib
Install new bedding
Add new accessories for baby boy
Fill his closet up
Wash baby clothes, blankets, burpies etc.
Scrub floors
Wash/set up baby swing

Kate's Room
Install crown molding
Paint moldings
Paint walls soft green
Buy big girl bed
Buy bedding
Buy a rug
Install bed rail
New window coverings
Add new accessories
Move her closet over

Scrub floors

Take one bag to the Goodwill each month to reduce clutter and clothes/items we no longer use..

Get hair done

I've been on nesting overload. Once Christmas was over and the tree was put away I went full speed ahead to get this place in shape. I spent the last 3 days at Bed Bath and Beyond buying new organizational things and replacing all the towels and drapes in the house. A quick trip to Home Depot and a couple hours outside and our gardens have all new soil and flowers for the winter! This 80 degree weather has been inspiring and also helped washing all the windows and screens not seem so bad. All we have left to do is have the rugs cleaned, steam clean the wood floors, pack bags, have the Jeep detailed and install the car seat which will all be done this week!

Then it's onto the fun things! I'm getting my hair washed and styled weekly by a good friend until our little guy arrives, made appointments to have a couple mani and pedis and then we wait!

My favorite is when Kate tells me "mommy, no more necking" (nesting).
Wonder who taught her that one..
Can't believe it's almost baby time!

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