Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I'm two weeks in on this mom of two gig and I think I'm getting the hang of it! Most of our days have been spent at home but I have conquered 3 outings out on my own! I have yet to take Will out in a "public" place since he's still so tiny...we've only been to friends houses but it's a great start and I'm feeling more confident. If only I had realized how easy 1 kid was! Big sister is doing a lot better and I think the worst is over with the crazy tantrums *knock on wood*. She loves her baby brother and has never wavered on her love for him.

Our precious Will is doing amazingly well! He is eating like a champ! He weighed in at 7lbs 11oz yesterday at the doctor! Up a full pound and 2 ounces since we left the hospital. He is the definition of dream baby. His days and nights are still mixed up which has been really fun. hahaha Even though he's up a good portion of the night and I'm exhausted it's not bad because he doesn't cry. He just wants to be held and look around and let's be honest here, I'm soaking in all the snuggles. There is nothing like newborn snuggles!

It's funny as I think back to how I was so worried about having two and wondering how I was going to love Will as much as I love Kate. Our sweet boy has absolutely captivated my heart and now it's hard to imagine what life was like without him. I can't fathom living without these two treasures. My heart continues to grow and overflow with crazy love for our blessings.

It may be a little crazy over here these days but I wouldn't trade this time for the world. 
Stinky diapers, tantrums, no sleep, piles of laundry & a house that needs a good cleaning.
All of it will be gone too soon and someone recently shared this with me, 
"the days may seem long, but the time is so short"

So excuse my messy house, my overflowing laundry basket and toys that are sprawled throughout the house...I'm busy soaking in every second and loving on my babies.

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