Wednesday, February 22, 2012

one month

Happy 1 month to our sweet son!

I cannot believe that we have known you for a whole month. Our first month with you has flown by yet we feel like we've known you forever. Our hearts are filled with so much love for you, we are head over heels for you baby boy! I am experiencing a whole new kind of love with you in our life. Your snuggles are my favorite pastime, your grunts crack us up, your smile melts my heart and the love you have filled us with has made me a better person.

Will continues to amaze us daily. He loves to eat, pass gas, snuggle and ..sleep! We finally busted out the swaddle me and are getting 4 and 5 hour stretches of sleep during the night. Thank you Jesus!

One of my favorite things about Will is his sweet smile. He has my grandpa Marshall's mouth and seeing him smile brings so much comfort and joy to my heart. I absolutely love how the Lord works. He created our precious son so perfectly and for Him to add such sweet resemblances is such a gift.

We are so in love with you, Will!

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