Monday, March 26, 2012

2 months

Precious boy is 2 months old!!

Will continues to amaze us with his super mellow disposition. I'm pretty sure he has put some sort of spell on me because my heart swoons every time I look at his sweet face. He has recently started smiling when he hears Chris and my voice and yes, I become a ball of mush. Our Prince loves to snuggle, he loves floor time on his super cool play mat and he adores his big sister! The boy also loves to eat, which happens about every 2 hours or so. He's becoming a little chunker which is absolutely delicious! If only I could get away with my rolls being cute. Our little man has been sleeping through the night for the past week! I'm totally knocking on wood but it has been so refreshing! 
He loves going for car rides, going on walks and swinging in his cozy swing.
Things he's not so fond of: tummy time, bottles diaper changes.

Will is now wearing 0-3 months and some 3 month outfits. He is about to grow out of size 1 diapers and make his way into size 2s.  This is going way too fast. As much as it makes me sad that the kids are growing up so fast, we are enjoying every stage so much. Kate cracks us up and Will is growing into his little personality. 
Such precious blessings they are!!!

big sister loves to do floor time too!
bright blue eyes

snoozin' the afternoon away
 he totally has Chris' eyebrows

they love each other..for now

Happy 2 months baby boy!
Love you to the moon and back x100000

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