Thursday, May 31, 2012

4 months

Time is zipping by. Our boy is 4 months old. Where is the PAUSE button?!

William is now 15 pounds and 24 inches long. The boy loves to eat, however getting him to take a bottle is still a work in progress. He's an awesome sleeper (only if he's swaddled). He goes to bed around 9pm and is up once to eat in the early morning and is usually up around 8am. He takes several naps throughout the day and is on a great schedule.

Our little man has the calmest and sweetest demeanor and is one of the most content babies I've ever been around. He is absolutely fascinated with his big sister, she can do anything to him and he thinks it's great. I'm sure that will change in no time :)

We just started him on oatmeal and it sort of makes me want to cry. I was so excited when Kate started solids, little did I know how fast it all went. Now I know how fast this tiny baby stage goes and I sort of want to start living in slow motion to take it all in.

We are so blessed with our babies and this boy has me wrapped around his finger.
 Like wow!

Baby toes

Happy 4 months to the littlest love of my life

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