Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm never leaving again.

If you follow me on facebook or twitter then you probably have noticed that this week has been anything but awesome. My kids have found every nerve that the Lord so graciously gave me and Kate has pushed buttons that I didn't even know were there. I've had to spend some serious "quiet time" each morning before my feet hit the ground to ask the Lord to give me all that I am going to need to get through the day.

Today was the kicker. I had an MRI planned and I was excited about it. How sad is that? I was looking forward to some quiet time and was really excited to not say the word "no" or "stop it" for an hour or so. Well that was stupid.

First, driving there was crazy. I thought I would be smart and take side streets since I'm not a fan of our California freeways and merging and all. If you've ever been on the 91 you know what I'm talking about. So, being smart I took side streets. It was more like the scenic route of the ghetto and I even got to drive right in front of Knotts Berry Farm as they were opening their gates. Exciting morning. I of course got lost and missed my turn to the facility. I finally arrived and was at a hospital, cue confused looking tired blonde. Why am I at a hospital? I thought I was just getting an MRI.

I won't say what hospital I was at but you can find it in my tweets. GHE to the double T-O! So there I am in the waiting room by myself watching Maury. I didn't even know that show was still on air?! The tech gal comes to me to give me my paperwork and tells me that they are an hour and a half behind. I then begin to freak out and tell her that I can't wait that long, my babies are at home (with grandma) and I'm a nursing mom. That apparently meant nothing so there I sat, by myself watching Maury until the Security guard changed the channel to TMZ. So classy!

For your viewing pleasure I took pictures and tweeted the entire time to make the time pass.

Here we have the security station complete with a homemade SECURITY sign. 
This made me feel real safe.

Next we have the waiting room..
by myself..

I was getting curious about this place, like was this really a real hospital? I then saw a sign for labor and delivery and ICU and then I saw the Cafeteria sign and I thought I was going to throw up. I don't mean to sound snobby, this place really was that bad. I was wishing I could click my heels and be back and St. Joes but thanks to workers comp, this is where I was sent. 

It gets better, I waited for over an hour and they finally came to get me! Woohoo! The lady then tells me to get in my car and drive behind the hospital all the way to the back. She said I would see a Mobile MRI truck and meet me there. I almost asked her if I was being PUNKED. Instead I confirmed that she wanted me to get in my car and drive to a mobile MRI truck behind the hospital. OK. I called Chris to tell him where I was and what was going on just in case my car and everything was gone when I got out of the MRI truck. 

 I had no trouble finding the truck. 


By this time I was regretting ever wanting to have alone time. The girl came out and waved me into the truck. I laughed and climbed up the stairs. I then took off all my medal which meant my bra had to come off (wait for it). I saw the tube I was about to go in and tried to not freak out. She got me all situated and her last words to me were, "DON'T MOVE! Whatever you do, don't move!" I quietly said, OK and then she proceeded to tell me that I was having TWO MRIs. One thoracic and one of my lower lumbar. Oh and they are 45 minutes long each. I quickly began to calculate and zomg an hour an a half in a tube without moving? 

The first one went by pretty fast. My eyes were closed the entire time and I could not move my head either direction since a strap was over it. She brought me out for a minute in between scan and sent me back in. If you've ever had an MRI you know how loud these things are. It sounds like you are getting electrocuted along with all this clanking, very loud! My second scan got the best of me. I sort of started freaking out with not moving for so long and I had a crazy itch on my face and since I couldn't move my hands I was saying things out loud. Everything goes silent and I hear the tech in the speaker system that is in my tube!!"Are you ok Nicole?" I sort of did a side eye like, are you talking to me?? It would have been really nice if he told me before it started that we could talk to each other. I would have started singing him some really annoying songs to make him hurry up. Instead he heard me freaking out and I'm convinced he thought I just got out of the crazy hospital. 

As I mentioned earlier, I'm a nursing mom an they made me take my bra off. Just as I started to calm down it was apparently feeding time and all you moms out there know where I am going with this. All I could do was laugh. That was a bad idea because I moved my spine and they had to start it over. I am telling you it was the longest 3.5 hours of my life! I would have rather given birth than gone through that. 

I'll get my results back next week and hopefully close this case out soon! It's been 5 years since I broke my back, I will have pain for the rest of my life but I accepted that years ago. I'm so ready to move on and be done and this made me that more determined to settle.

I've never been so happy to get home to screaming kids.

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