Friday, June 8, 2012

A parent's worst nightmare..

I was debating on whether to post this or not but I felt like I was supposed to share in hopes of making sure no one else goes through it. Yesterday I took the kids to my parents house and we went swimming, which we do a couple times a week. I forgot Kate's floaty and still decided to take her in since we are in the middle of teaching her how to swim. She was doing great swimming with me and and when I had to get out to feed Will my mom went in with her and they played on the steps. Next thing you know we're all laying on the lounge chairs and Kate is underwater. At that very moment it felt as if we were put into slow motion. I don't think our minds knew how to process the horror that our eyes were seeing. I'm telling you the sight that we saw will forever be etched in our minds. She was bobbing up and down, her head never came out of the water, she was kicking her legs, flailing her arms, eyes open with the most terrified look on her face. I began to scream and yell and instructed my parents to run fast and save her. I felt completely helpless as I had Will in my arms. We were on one side of the pool and she was on the other. My dad jumped in fully clothed with my mom right behind him and they pulled her out. By God's grace, our Kate is OK. Needless to say, we learned a very big lesson yesterday and I feel like a complete idiot. Never ever will our kids be by a pool unless they have their float on and are completely water safe. My parents have a pool gate, we were all there and this still happened. And the scariest part? It was completely silent. We heard nothing. Thank God we were watching her and saw her underwater otherwise we would have had a different outcome and I probably would have died right there. If you have a pool with young kids and don't have a gate up please stop playing with fire and put one up. Accidents happen and let me tell you, it is something you will never be able to forgive yourself of and the consequences are unbelievable. I'm having a hard time dealing with it this morning and she made it out alive. We are praising the Lord for His grace and protection over our precious girl and hope this our horrifying night will help save another precious life. 
 Stay safe friends

If you have a little one, I highly recommend this float. Kate has been using it for the past year and will never have this off when she is around a pool again until she is water safe.


Anonymous said...
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j. said...

I can only imagine how terrifying that must have been for all of you. Isn't God so gracious? He did allow it to happen though so most likely a red flag to remind us all how quickly life can slip away. gosh! I do remember when Trevor was at Health bridge (pediatric long term hospital) there were 2 little ones there who had drown. They were resuscitated so they were alive, but suffered anoxia, lack of oxygen to the brain. They were not saved in time like Kate. They just laid there, not able to breath on their own, their eyes fixed on the ceiling & not responsive. Although we do have to always trust God for His decisions to allow such tragedies - those little ones are in His care but so devastating for their families. They are ours for such a short time ~ but God loves them so much more than we can even imagine.
I'm glad all is well ... you have such a precious family! xo hugs ~ janice