Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pre-Summer getaway

Spent a week out in Palm Desert. The first half of the week was just the momma, the babies and me and then our good friends the Golinos joined us along with my man! We roasted out butts off but had so much fun doing it! Love this tradition!

The Mimi 

 Sports Illustrated??

 We were a bit obsessed with the shakes and smoothies
 So fresh and So clean
Matching jammies made by Ava's great grandma!

Hey girls, you're all clean so how about you go run and play outside for a bit!

Duck chasers
Parents who let their kids chase bids drove me crazy, now I'm one of them.

 My favorite Italians ever
The Golinos!

My crew

(hey Rach, I think we need this same pic of us, HA!)

little man
Did I mention how different it is traveling with kids??
The Cabo countdown is on!

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