Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Today brings closure to the whirlwind of heartache these past 7.5 months have been. Eight short months ago all was well in our world and I now know why the Lord doesn't allow us to see into the future. Had I known what was ahead I don't think I would have been able to handle it. I'm hardly keeping it together most days now but it is because of His love, grace and compassion for us that we are smiling and moving ahead.

Today the last piece of this puzzle was taken apart. The final page of this story was written and now literally all we have left are memories. One of the sweetest places on earth, my grandparents house on Ogle Street was handed over from our family to another. The deal is done and it is extremely bittersweet.

I walked through their home for a final time a couple weeks ago and tears rolled down my cheeks as I went through each room. I took myself back and remembered the memories that each wall holds; the joy, the laughter and most of all the love. I thought about the countless sleepovers I had there, the hours spent in grandpas office as I helped him work, the comfort that the blue and white checked couch gave me as I snuggled on the couch with grandma and watched movies, the doll house that I played with as a little girl and then watched my little girl play and adore it like I did, grandpa and grandmas bedroom where I loved to snuggle in between them because they did have the coziest bed ever! The living room where amazing conversations took place, the dining room where some of the best meals were served around that dining room table and grandpa never making it through a prayer without crying because he was so thankful for the family that God had blessed him with. The kitchen where some of my favorite recipes were created and of course that backyard..I'm not sure there was a more peaceful backyard than theirs. Laying on the lawn swing with the cool ocean breeze blowing and the sound of the wind chimes in the background. I could go on for days but those were just a few of the things that I thought about that day.

This is the end of an era for our family and just the beginning for another. Our hearts are hurting terribly and so far there hasn't been a day without tears but I do know that joy IS coming in the morning and Lord, we pray that day is soon!

I'll never get over losing my grandparents but I am confident that this void that's in my heart will soon be filled with peace and comfort that can only come from God.

With that being said, we have turned the last page of their story book tonight. It's now our turn to take all that they have taught us and continue on in our own book. I want to leave a legacy just like they have. One that has deep family roots, where love overflows and you can't help but smile when you think of them.

Here's to you, grandpa and grandma..
Love you forever and ever.

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