Monday, July 23, 2012


For the past 3 years I have been growing out my locks. I first started growing it out in hopes of having less poofy hair. I then decided that I was going to go for it and grow it out until it was long enough to donate. I've always wanted to donate my hair to locks of love or another foundation to help someone with cancer but I never had the patience to let it grow. Let me tell ya, prenatal vitamins, 2 pregnancies and no time to think about cutting my hair did it! This is the longest my hair has ever been in my life.

I went in on Saturday to have it chopped and totally got sad. It was so fun having long princess hair but then I thought about the women who are fighting for their lives who have no hair. How blessed I am to be able to cut my hair off and help another woman feel confident and beautiful again. 


Right before the cut


My freak out moment. 
How crazy is that?
And yes, my hair is that curly and out of control.


The one upside to having thick curly hair?
I only wash it every 5 days so I only have to straighten it once a week.
There has to be a silver lining with this mess.

My new do.
Not going to lie.
 I cried. 
I feel naked and look like I'm 12.
ps. this picture some how looks way better than it does it real life
pps. I have never colored my hair but for some reason the lighting in this picture looks really dark

I keep reminding myself that it will grow back and it was all for a good cause but for now I'm hating on my own hair again. Le sigh. I wanted to glue my pony tail back on so bad. 
Instead I had to let it dry and mailed it in this morning, all 9 inches.

I originally planned to donate to Locks of Love.
I then realized that their minimum was 10 inches & I really wasn't cool with having my hair chopped off to my ears so I ended up donating to Pantene Beautiful Locks.

 There are salons who participate in Locks of Love and will cut your hair for free and send it in for you which is so awesome! Even if you don't go to a participating salon, you can send it in on your own as I did. Just be sure to follow the guidelines for the foundation you wish to donate to. 

My donation made 6 ponytails which will be able to create an entire wig for a woman.
As silly as it might sound, I prayed for the woman who will receive my hair as a wig and pray that she feels beautiful by it and most of all that she would be healed and have her own hair back again soon. 

I then prayed and asked God to let my hair grow back fast so I can have a ponytail again!
In all seriousness, I am stoked about my decision and after all it is just hair and it will grow back and yes, I would do it all over again! I encourage you if your hair is long and you're thinking about cutting it to donate it and if not to grow it out a bit more so you'll have enough to share. 

 Be a blessing to someone today.
Big or small.
You can make a difference!


Lauren Robuck said...

Nikki I know this is a huge change for you but honestly your hair looks adorable! Someone out there is one lucky person to have the beautiful hair you've donated.

nancygrayce said...

It's absolutely beautiful both long and shorter (it still looks long to me!).....thank you so much for doing that and believe me, some woman thanks you too! My hairdresser's wife is going through breast cancer and has lost her hair. She's only in her 40's so I'm sure it is hard and she has a wig so I know they are appreciative! I think it's wonderful that you prayed for that woman!

I'm visiting and came by your blog by looking for an antique store! :)