Tuesday, August 28, 2012

7 months

Son shine,

 It's amazing to think that you are now 7 months young! You're changing daily and growing up to be the most handsome little guy since your daddy. You had your first sleep over with both grandparents when momma and dadda went out of town. We missed you and sissy like crazy but knew you were in great hands. You also went on your first airplane ride and as we walked off the plane people made remarks that they didn't even know a baby was on board! That airplane took us to Washington where you got to meet your great grandparents, your great aunt and uncle and your only cousin! We are blessed with a family who is filled with love baby boy, never forget that. You are so loved.

A couple big milestones were hit this month:

1. The grandparents finally got you to eat solids while we were away and now you eat like a champ! Breakfast, lunch and dinner! Yippee!

2. You are rocking and rolling and I'm terrified. Seeing you on your little knees rocking and trying to move takes me back to your big sister and she was on the move a week or two later!

3. You are SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! Can I get a hallelujah?? After 2 or 3 nights of sleep training (crying it out) you are now sleeping like a charm and even taking longer naps. It is glorious son. We are so thankful that you caught on fast just like your sister did.

We packed up the baby swing, the bouncy chair and a few other baby items and I did my best to hold back the tears. You are growing up SO fast Son. I just want to freeze this time with you and sister and stay here a little while longer. My heart is so full and though most days are long, messy and crazy I can't help but find joy and even laughter through all the craziness.

This is what life is all about!

Happy Days!

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