Friday, September 7, 2012

more than "just a mom"

Being a mom is by far the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.
Well, aside from my prince charming asking me to marry him and sharing my life with him.
After all, none of this would be possible without him! :)

I'm a stay at home mom. It's awesome but the hardest job out there as far as I'm concerned. Most days are pretty sweet but there are those days that make you want to pull your hair out, eat all the chocolate in California and change your name from mommy to a lady named Sally who isn't in charge of the crazy kids and doesn't have to be part of the fits and the house which looks like a hurricane just blew through.

I am totally guilty of yelling at my 2.5 year old for using up half of the hand soap in the bathroom during one hand washing session because she wanted to do it herself while I was out in the kitchen making dinner. I'm also guilty of shaking my finger at my sweet girl and telling her to not touch her hair bow again or else mommy will be very upset. How ridiculous am I? Getting upset over stupid things because I'm tired, frazzled and quite frankly annoyed.

Being a mom definitely doesn't always bring out the best in me but it has made me a better person and it's days like today that have changed my attitude and has made me sing a new tune. I spent the morning at my first MOPS class {side note; I still can't believe I have a preschooler!} I went to MOPS this morning tired and stressed over stupid things and left feeling completely different.

You see life isn't going to be like this forever. And because of that, I want to stop time right this very minute and just freeze. It may be crazy and exhausting and dirty and unorganized but that means I have little ones who need me, who depend on me and who love me with every ounce that's in them. I want it to stay that way forever. Maybe not the messy and exhausting part but I was reminded this morning just how precious this time is!

The Lord gave us two extremely precious gifts to take care of and raise. He sent us our Kate almost 3 years ago and her baby brother Will just 7 short months ago. How blessed we are to share our life with them and what a huge responsibility it is! I sat in my chair this morning with a big knot in my throat and just thought...Wow Lord, you chose me to be Kate and Will's mom! I want to do my best and give it my in and day out. Throwing fits or perfectly happy, I want to be the mom who shows love and grace to my children in every circumstance. When life is going great or when things get tough I want to be the kind of woman who can smile and thank God always because He is good and has been so gracious so me.

So to all my mommy friends out there... I know you too have days that aren't so pretty or fun and are far from glamorous but just remember that though these days seem long, they will be gone before we know it. The backseats in our cars that are full and loud and oh so messy will one day be empty and quiet and..clean. I am sitting at my desk crying as I type this. Soak up all the screaming and giggles coming from the back! Slow down a little and talk to your precious one, sit on the rug a little longer and play pretend. There will come a day when it's time to send our babies out in the big world and we need to equip them for that. My hearts desire for our kids is to have them spread their wings and soar when their time comes to leave our nest because we will have prepared them.

It might feel like you're doing the same thing day in and day out and that's OK.
You are more than "just a mom"! You are shaping and molding your precious gift(s) who the Lord entrusted you with so do it and do it well!

I'll leave you with a music video" that I can guarantee you will relate to! ha!

Parents Rap

and smile...because you little missy have the best job in the world!!!


esquiremomma said...

This post is perfectly said. Now you have me crying too! Your words are so heartfelt and so, so true. You are an amazing mommy, Nikki!

Julie said...

I love it! It's so true! I am guilty of not "stopping and taking the time" like I should. So glad you found MOPS! It's awesome! xoxo