Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New chapter in our life.

My baby big girl started school today. Just Preschool but still, it's a big deal in our house! Her first question to me this morning as we were getting ready was, 'hey mom...where's my school but?' (aka, bus). I told her that I am her own personal school bus. She seemed disappointed and assured me that she needed a but to pick her up from her house. Did I mention that she is little miss. independent? I made her favorite breakfast this morning and then we were off!

We got to her school this morning and all I heard from the back seat was... "woohoo!" "yeah!" "that's my school!" It made my mommy heart so happy that she was so stoked to go to school. We had meet the teacher last week so she knew exactly where she was going today and couldn't wait to see Mint Jelly (aka, Mrs. Shelly)

 I had all my paperwork and camera set to go and then I went to the back seat to get her sweet little baby brother out and I forgot about everything. My precious boy had a blow out, his first one ever and let me tell ya...it was BAD! Poop EVERYWHERE! I wanted so badly to throw up and hide. Instead, I got him out, cleaned him up as best as I could and gagged the whole way to Kate's class. I was mortified because never have my children been out in public in just a diaper! Not only was my boy in a diaper, I only had a pink little blanket of Kate's in the car so I had that around him. I also felt like the biggest loser because every other mom was taking pictures of their babies with the teacher and in the class and my camera was in the car and all I could think about was getting home and washing the boy and his car seat up.

Enough of the craziness.

I literally signed Kate in and off she went. I had to beg her to come back to me to give me a kiss. The kid is hooked and her teacher and the aid are already crazy over her. I LOVE her school. There are 12 kiddos in the class and they have a fun year planned. I can hardly wait to hear her stories from each day and watch her blossom. My precious girl never ceases to amaze me. She is going to have a BLAST. She's already named the class fish and has told me that I need to meet the hamster that lives there.

Part of me gets all sappy and teary when I actually think about what's going on. I will never forget holding her when she was about a week old and thinking, "Wow, we have a lot ahead of us. Teething, crawling, walking, potty training and one day we'll have to send her off to school!" ...And here we are!!! The other part of me is so excited. Not because I will only have one kid at home with me in the mornings but because this is the best thing for her. Kate is already a very social child but this is going to help her even more and learn to share in a bigger setting than she's used to and so much more. The best part is that she loves it and is excited for school.

mint jelly and kate

We welcome this new chapter in our lives and look forward to all the joy that it will bring!

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